Macabre Dance

By Mickaël Soutif

"We are all equal before inexorable death", such is the moral delivered to us through the centuries,
the macabre dances of the Middle Ages. Mickaël Soutif revisits the genre: soccer player, PDG,
astronaut, fashion victim, concierge or fishmonger, no, death forgets no-one !
After having explored the celebration of the dead in Mexico with "Catrina", released in 2018, still as
skillful with modeling putty, he offers us new lively-coloured frescoes of extreme precision. His
characters are surprised moments before their death.
The game consists in looking in the background for that which will bring on their sudden demise. The
quatrain which accompanies each image delivers the solution, always with a lot of humour. A
beautiful pîcture book to approach this theme while at the same time completely de-dramatising it.

Picture book
Album 36pages
21 x 24 cm – 15 euros

© 2020 

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