Created in 2012, Margot Editions has only one watchword: make beautiful books! Carefully crafted objects, with refined finishing touches and page layouts that highlight the illustrations. Indeed that's why we've turned to children's books, a creative and enchanting domain.

In 2014, a collection of comics came to be, on the wings
of this same wish: to tell stories, beautiful stories,
in words and images.

Welcome to the world of Margot!


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The Blue-Handed Shepherd


By Pierre-Luc Granjon - Samuel Ribeyron - Songs  by AMÉLIE LES CRAYONS

bergere couv.jpg

Sami Bear's journey


by Bernard Villiot & Pierre Charentus, Music by Jeanne-Pierre Jolicard

Books illustrated 

by Thibault Prugne 

Books illustrated 

by Éric Puybaret

The Ocean of Emotions

Catalogues Incroyables

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The Big Bad Catalogue of Wolves
The fantastic catalogue of dragons and other creatures
The Incredible Catalogue of Monsters

Books illustrated 

by Étienne Friess

Here lie all the birds
Clotaire 1
Clotaire 2
Clotaire 3

Books illustrated 

by Benjamin Lacombe


by Patrick Prugne


By Alexandre Day & POG


by Anne-Fleur Drillon and Clément Lefèvre


by various authors and illustrators

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