Marmaille et Compagnie is a new Children's Books imprint

of Geste éditions, a major and established French publisher.

Marmaille published its first titles in 2013, concentrating primarily on picture books, which focus on traditionnal high-quality illustrations and very carefully edited texts.

The books aim at a wide audience, while proposing young and new Illustrators' (notably from Italy) and Authors' voices.

This new and ambitious list has already been a success in France, and will quickly grow in the coming years, particulary in Picture Books.


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What a World! - Look & Find​

by Frederic Brogard

hide-and-seek - a book published from Marmaille & Cie - by Frederic Brogard - Discovering the world, continent by continent, with Paul, in order to find objects hidden here and there on each double page. A very large format, where the mysteries of India appear pell-mell, or the secrets of the Middle Empire, or the deserted plains of North America.
The Great and Crazy History of Clothes, Costumes, Fabrics and Hair
by Lucie Hoornaert & Flavia Sorrentino
non-fiction title published by Marmaille & Cie -  by Lucie Hoornaert & Flavia Sorrentino - Plunge into the universe of costumes ! From prehistory to nowadays, discover how fashion has unleashed passions throughout the ages. Jewelry, substances, forms, hair styles...

Picture Books illustrated by POG

Space Buffs
De-frosted Dinosaurs, Have Shown-up!
Jungle Series - 24 x 24 cm
Oops! There's a Wolf
by Audrey Bouquet & Fabien Öckto-Lambert
Animal tales


Animal tales is a series of malicious stories where animals find themselves
in often funny situations that will make them grow thanks to the help of the others characters.


Classics of literature in large picture book format


Classic Tales
Heroes, Princes and Knigts & Witches, Fairies and Princesses
Picture Books and more

Themes, kinds of paper, format, everything in this collection is… Surprising!


10 Little Mice
Edgar's Lighthouse
Surfer Mermaid
Raccoon's Feast
Books illustrated by Csil
Books illustrated by Michaël Crosa
Picture books - Big and different format
The tale of the monkey fisherman
Never without my gorilla comforter
My suitcase
Before the Apocalypse
The Legend of Momotaro
The Clumsy King
Petronille's Marbles
What has My Head Got?
It's Clean!
Oh Beautiful Princesses
Super Stylish
An American Love
The Extraordinary Undersea Circus
Picture Books - Format 24 x 24 cm
Picture Books - Format 20 x 20 cm
Litté Merveilles Series


A picture dictionary series for very young children in hommage to classics of literature.


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