SNAG, the new label of imaginative novels, was created in 2018 to accompany adolescent readers to adulthood. Dedicated to an audience of 14 years and up, SNAG, offers 12 works per year, where worlds meet, available in five series: Purple Moon (fantasy), The Descartes Company (fantastic), The Wild Reserve (contemporary novels), Supernova (science-fiction) and Snaggy Fiction (pop culture). It is a new generation of French authors who propose creative and innovative texts, while offering readers a escape to the limits of reality. In less than one year, SNAG saw its success grow from day to day in France, notably thanks to their first novel, The Initiated. 


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by Yoann Dubos



Starless skies



by Johanna Marines



Shadow mechanics, It's a short step from high society bals to the street


On The Island of Lucifer

by Serge Quadruppani



La Réserve Sauvage, our stories, our lives, our trajectories...


Target Audience:

15 years and up

Couv Fleur d'Oko.jpg

Oko's Flowers

By Laëtitia Danaë




Target Audience:

15 years and up

Purple Moon Series

by Laëtitia Danae


This series shakes up and plays with the codes of fantasy, a wonderful discovery for reviewers!


Lighten The Darkness

by Nicolas Bouchard



La Compagnie Descartes, a series dedicated to the adventure at the heart of the prestigious Descartes club.


Target Audience:

15 years and up

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Super Nova Series



tomorrow is today: the dystopias of the new generation.



Target Audience:

Young Adult

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