Space Buffs​

by Agnès Ernoult & POG

Five "CHMÜRGOLES" are sent to Earth to observe its inhabitants. The plan is simple for these "nutcases" who have come from space: explore the planet before any idea of setting up on Earth, in order to verify that the conditions of life are in accordance with their way of living... and the result is rather surprising and disappointing for them, to say the least!


Before invading, they disguise themselves, study the arms, the customs and the history of Earth. They discover Normandy, India, The United States, Japan... 1001 cultures, all very surprising, which make up a singular human world.


They realise that the planet has already overcome huge invasions and that humanity has survived everything! And worst of all, what a discovery, it is cats who govern over here!


There is only one solution: a headlong rush! Another planet in the galaxy will surely welcome them better, with less strange events...



24 x 24 cm

40 pages

Retail Price : 12 €

© 2020 

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