Foreign Rights Guide


  • 3,2,1 the story of a mischievous number = Simplified Chinese (Beijing Dipper Publishing Co.)

  • ABC, the picked-on letter = Simplified Chinese (Beijing Dipper Publishing Co.)

  • Colours, the story of Mr white who thinks again and again = Simplified Chinese (Beijing Dipper Publishing Co.)

  • Doodle the animals = Simplified Chinese (Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts)

  • Doodle the feelings = Simplified Chinese (Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts)

  • Doodle the shapes = Italien (Erickson), Simplified Chinese (Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts), Catalan (Bindi Books)

  • How to be Nice = French (Gallimard Jeunesse), Korean (Kzim),  Spanish for Chili and Mexico (Editorial Hueders Limitada)

  • In the Bee's House = Simplified Cinese (Anhui Children's Publishing House)

  • Mao, the Museum Cat = Simplified Chinese (Beijing Dipper Publishing Co.)

  • Neighbours = French (Gallimard Jeunesse), Korean (Kzim), Spanish for Chili and Mexico (Editorial Hueders Limitada)

  • Paper Mosaics = Simplified Chinese (Beijing Dipper Publishing Co.)

  • The little Snake Teo = Simplified Chinese (Beijing Dipper Publishing Co.)

  • Wilson the Rabbit = Simplified Chinese (Beijing Dipper Publishing Co.)

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