For the first time in the world, Chinese Adventures

in China, Jules Verne’s story, adapted by Hélène Kérillis, comes out wonderfully illustrated by Émilie Fiala.


Kin-Fo is so rich he is bored of everything. Suddenly poor, after a financial ruin, he asks his friend Wang

to kill him in two months to put an end to his days.


However, as fast as he has lost his money, he will find his fortune again. Kin-Fo now wishes to call off his deal with Wang, but he can’t find him! The rich man will start an extraordinary trip across China in search

of his friend.


Tribulations of a Chinese man in China

by Jules Verne adapted by Hélène Kérillis
and Émilie FIALA

Picture Book

Age group: from 7 years old

Pages: 80 -- Format: 25 x 36 cm -- RP: 20 €

© 2020 

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