Lacombe Benjamin

Benjamin Lacombe published his first book ,his final project after graduating from the Arts-Déco school, at age 20. The book, Cerise Griotte, was rated by Time Magazine as one of the 10 best children’s books of 2007 in the U.S. Since then he has published numerous children’s books published by Albin Michel, Soleil, Seuil Jeunesse, etc., including Contes macabres, Alice in Wonderland, La Mélodie des tuyaux and Esprits et Créatures du Japon, all of which received great critical acclaim. 
Lacombe’s work has been shown in prestigious exhibitions in France (Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse de Montreuil, The Maghen gallery in Paris, La Conciergerie, The Victor Hugo museum, le Grand
Palais, The Museum of the History of Medicine, etc.) as well as abroad
(Haven Gallery in New York, the Maruzen bookshop in Tokyo, Institut
français, the ABC museum in Madrid, etc.).
For the past 15 years, Benjamin Lacombe has worked to share his artistic world with as large an audience as possible, a world filled with poetry and fantasy, drawing inspiration from numerous sources. 
Published in 14 langues and with nearly 3 million books sold across the world, he is one of the most celebrated illustrators working today.