Villiot Bernard

Telling stories, again and again is what keeps Bernard Villio going and fills his life, whether it is as a screenwriter or film director or as a children’s book writer. He has won several awards in France and abroad and his books have been translated into many languages. He has written more than fifty children’s book, including Mephisto, Mr Django and Lady Swing (selected as a favorite by the Fnac), Le souffleur de rêves, Le dompteur de vent, Le miroir de Madame Édouard… published by Gautier Languereau editions and winner of numerous awards and runner up for many more. In 2018, he published Le voyage de Samy Bear for éditions Margot. 2020) and Atalante la Géante (Gautier Languereau, 2019) are some of his most recent books.