Our Software, Your Outside Department

What we do

At our consultancy, we sell and manage author’s rights and royalties. To give our clients the best service we can, we asked programmers and engineers to develop exclusive software that would provide a space for dialogue among multiple parties: our agency, the authors and illustrators we represent, their publishers, and foreign publishers wishing to acquire translation rights.

Since 2012, our company has also successfully organised several international coeditions.

Our goal is to increase our clients’ revenue by promoting their projects, catalogs, and portfolios, as well as providing editorial advice and direction.
Our work focuses on B2B marketing in the children’s book sector. 

How we do it

Our consultancy offers services for every step of the rights management process, using dedicated software that publishers worldwide can access regularly through a secure portal.
In 2022, we launched crayons, a magazine devoted to illustrators, as a showcase for our clients’ work and what we have to offer. This bilingual French-English publication is available free of charge to all interested parties.
Active as we are in foreign rights management, we regularly attend all the major international book fairs: Bologna, Frankfurt, London. With our app, accessed through a secure portal on our site, our clients can monitor in real time any interest in their books, during fairs and also the rest of the year. In this space, they’ll also be able to view their contracts, the submissions status of their books, and statistics on how our efforts have contributed to their annual turnover.
We handle participation in international book fairs specializing in translation rights, the management of statements and invoices, the drafting and vetting of rights and co-publication contracts, and the monitoring of royalty payments.

Here are links to some of the publishers we’ve represented since 2012:

In 2018, we began to represent exclusive world rights for several authors and illustrators.

We put our connections and experience at your disposal to achieve unique and personalized results that will exceed your expectations.