An Elephant in a Hat

Written by Foz Véronique
Illustrated by Barroux

  • Picture Book
  • Age group: 5 and up
  • Pages: 44
  • Format: 21 x 31,5 cm
  • Hardcover
  • RP: 16 euros

Pierrot hopes that if he concentrates very hard, his father will magically return! So he practices, step by step, but his attempts are only greeted with indulgent smiles. One day, however, while focusing on making an elephant appear… an elephant does appear out of thin air! A picture book that tenderly explores a father’s disappearance through a little boy’s hopes and dreams, his childlike imagination and the power of his desire, which defy all rational arguments set before him. There is magic in this book, to be sure—the magic of stage illusions, the magic of fantasy, but above all, the magic of a resourceful, hopeful child. Young readers will follow Pierrot every step of the way in his comical, endearing attempts to bring back his father, savoring a magical ambiguity in which anything can happen.

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