The Secret Lives of Everyday Things

Written by David François
Illustrated by Serprix Sylvie

  • Poems
  • Pumpkins Pirats Peacocks
  • Age group: 7 and up
  • Pages: 64
  • Format: 15 x 21 cm
  • RP: 13 euros

Everyday objects take wing in poetry, transforming and filling readers with wonder. In this book, the Mirror confides its reflections, the Pencil feels anything but leaden, Tires feeling pumped flex rubber, Packs never get on your Back about anything, and Scissors never cut anyone off, while Parasol and Umbrella are gateways to little private paradises.

In this latest title from the imprint Pommes Pirates Papillons [Braeburns Buccaneers Butterflies], François David has fun with the modest magic of these everyday companions, objects that reveal their many facets with poetry, humor, and tenderness. Sylvie Serprix’s color illustrations bring all these lovable characters to life.

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