ISHKA – The Amazing Blue Bird Who Figured Out How to Grow Up All At Onceby

Written by Ecormier Joëlle
Illustrated by Madoré Modeste

  • Picture Book
  • Age group: 3 and up
  • Pages: 32
  • Format: 23 x 30 cm
  • Hardcover
  • RP: 18 €

Ishka is in a big hurry to grow up and become just like the adults in his tribe.

“What do I have to do to become a grown-up?” he asks the brahmin of the forest. “Wait,” the wise man replies.

Too impatient to follow this sage advice, the little moneky sets out on a quest to find a mysterious blue bird who has found out the secret of growing up all at once. A tale full of wisdom and mischief that teaches us growing up is also, if not most importantly, about growing in smarts and heart.

Modeste Madoré illustrations transport readers to an imaginary India of sublime, shimmering colors.

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